Environmental study is a compulsory subject and is a part of the curriculum framed by the affiliating University. Topics related to global warming, pollution, climate change and other environment related issues raise the consciousness of the students It develops in them energy saving habits, hygiene and better waste disposal and care for the environment. The college has put in efforts to make the campus eco-friendly. Indian Heritage and Culture, Human Values and Science and Civilization are also compulsory subjects, as per the curriculum framed by the University. Students actively participate in seminars, prepare charts and exhibit models on various topics related to these subjects.

For example, in the year 2012, the students of B Sc II year made a model of rain harvesting. In the year 2013, the students across all faculties, actively participated in a "Go Green" campaign, by clearing the ground and planting saplings In the year 2014, the students of Degree II year made models on "Bio-diversity and its conservation"; Pollution of all types, viz. Air, Water, Noise, Soil. Eco-system food chain, food-web and Pyramids. In the year 2015, under the State Government's 'Haritha Haram'. Scheme, students from each class_ planted saplings in a pot Members of the Eco-club also performed 'flash-mob', enacted a play titled 'Save the Trees', to increase awareness about the subject.

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Dr.Ajay Lakshmi

MA English,MA Ancient Indian History & Culture & Archaeology & Ph.d

28 Years