The Emblem of Dewan Bahadur Padmarao Mudaliar Degree and PG College for Women has come into being in 1982, the year the institution began its journey. This emblem is the official mark reserved for use by the institution as a symbol of its vision and mission, and it actually propagates the companionship of both.

The emblem of the college acknowledges its root, the emblem of the Keyes High School. As the college has evolved out of Keyes High School, its emblem also upholds the insight that the founders of the institution had in mind regarding the mission of the college. It is the combination of four symbols and three words. The four symbols, designed in four panels each, represent the vision of the institute whereas the words carry out its mission. The three words are DEVOSION, DISCIPLINE and DILIGENCE, implying to remain devoted in imparting discipline and values, and to practice diligence in every step. The four symbols that define the vision are – SUN AND LOTUS; BOOKS; A BANYAN TREE; A SCRIPTURE.